Rub-On Metallic Highlights.

Add accents to your projects with these rub-on metallic oil based paints. Rub-On Metallic Highlights can provide dramatic and exciting accents to many craft projects. Colors are oil based and acid free.

Color pats each measure approximately 3/4" x 1/4".

Directions:  Apply with fingertip, sponge brush or cloth to any matte finish and spray with fixative to seal. Only use a matte or a Bisque Fixative! Gloss may be used after the bisque.

Warning:   Keep out of the reach of children. Do not store at temperatures above 120*F.

Metallic Highlights on Etched Eggs.



Earth Colors:  Bright Gold, Green-Gold, Pewter, Nubian, Bronze, Gunmetal, Burnished Gold

Item # RM-1
Price: $ 5.00


Bright Colors:  Aqua, Palladium, Copper, Silver, Ruby, Emerald, Gold

Item # RM-2
Price: $ 5.00


Exotic Colors: Black Sparkle, Sunflower, Silver Grey, White, Bright Green, Autumn, Rusty Red

Item # RM-3
Price: $ 5.00


Fantasy Colors: Walnut, Sky Blue, Rosewood, Iris, Silvery Blue, Cameo Pink, Golden White

Item # RM-4
Price: $ 5.00