Erasers. Pencil-Style Erasers.

Erasers. Pencil-Style Erasers.

New Old Stock Collectible and Useful Erasers allow you to remove pencil marks on completed pysanka with a better precision.  Erase pencil marks gently, so you do not ruin your pysanka. 

Only few of each  kind available. 


Erasers. Pencil-Style Erasers.
Eberhard Faber  "Pink Pearl" Soft Pencil Eraser:  Peel-Off Pencil-style eraser.  Made in U.S.A.

Item # ERP-1
Sold out


Erasers. Eraser Pencil Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth Era 6312.
NEW Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth "Era" 6312 Eraser :

Pencil-style eraser. Sharpens like a pencil.

Item # ERP-2
Price: $ 2.50 / each (Limited supply)


Erasers. EraserStik 7066B.
Pink "EraserStik" 7066B Eraser :

Pencil-style eraser. Sharpens like a pencil.

Item # ERP-4
Price: $ 1.50 / each (Limited supply)


Erasers. Faber-Castell EraserStik 7099B.
Faber-Castell  "EraserStik" 7099B Eraser:

Pencil-style eraser. For General use. Sharpens like a pencil.

Item # ERP-5
Price: $ 2.00 / each (Limited supply)